Tuesday, April 09, 2013

#CILDC : UX (user experience) and Accessibility

Randy Oldham - web accessibility tools
- W3C markup validation service 
- FANGS - shows you the script of what would be read if someone used a screen reader on your web site
- Web developer extension - for Firefox - helps check for accessibility issues

Frank Cervone - some tips on accessibility
Need to remember all categories of accessibility
- Visual
- Cognitive learning
- Auditory
- Motor / Physical
- Speech 

Demographics - those with an Identified disability are 17% of the population

Universal design is key
Don't let I'll-informed dogmatism get in the way of good overall design
Accommodations are often necessary

Age related conditions
- birth to stop scrolling
- suppressing popup windows
Repetitive stress injuries
- Keyboard equivalent for mouse driven commands
- Access keys

Use clear and simple language
- reading levels

Some tools
- Fujitsu accessibility tools
- Reading effectiveness tool
- Project Cannect

Documents for the web should be at the sixth grade level.

Joanna Karpinski - NIH Senior Health web site
Site for age 60 or older
Originally designed in the early 2000s.  Based on the literature at the time, they created what they thought was a senior friendly web site.
Worked with UserWorks to do usability testing.

Goals - to understand - 
- Nativist ion
- Scrolling
- Page length
- Pagination
- Search

Best performance, user preferences
- no subchapters
- Subheadings highlight page content
- Menu uses only text
- Don't like images 
- People get scrolling fatigue, but do like to scroll
- Clicking through multiple pages is more difficult than scrolling
- Users like billeted lists and subheadings
- search success occurred when
--- search terms had sufficient context
--- search terms were bolted
--- colors were familiar 

Zhimin Chen - Fonts in Responsive Web Design
Raster vs. Vector
-- Raster fonts do not zoom well

Should we create our own fonts?  Should we use the fonts that are in the browser?
You can purchase fonts, in order to give yourself more flexibility.
- several places where you can purchase them.

SVG = Scalable vector graphics

Earlier browsers do not support the new @font-face

Demo'd IcoMoon, http://icomoon.io/ and other sites

Jakob Nielsen - see books by him
Jim Krug - "Rocket Surgery Made Easy"

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