Monday, April 08, 2013

#CILDC : Libraries, Archives and Museums: Collaboration on a Large Scale, part 1

Michael Edson (@mpedson)  - Collaboration in the age of scale
You can tell a lot about someone by what they choose to measure...jand what they measure with 
-- you can see the scale of their dreams
-- my dreams go to 11, not 10. 

A new physics to dreaming allows for bigger dreams, but we haven't redrafted our dreams.

What if a library's growth needs to be 10% a year? Imagine the scale of that!

What if you can scale to a "massive scale" your efforts?

Michael ran through a list of projects that have gone massive, sometimes through crowd sourcing.
Libraries, archives and museums need to be SUPER successful.

Can we have massive success?  Not if we're thinking on the scale that we are used to.  We're not built as a species to deal with scale on a massive level.  We need to get over our limitations.

At Google, Page wants employees to Crete projects that are 10x better thn the competition.

How do libraries think bout scale? 
- every library is a one-of.  They exist in isolation from other libraries.
- every transaction a one-off
- what's in it for me?
- what's the ask?
- trust is a check you've got to cash.

How do you get to scale?
- global by default
- open (platform) by default 
- participatory by default
- rethink who can contribute
- rethink the value creation arrows
- don't collaborate : instead solve big problems

GLAMs (global libraries, archives and museums)  can go to 11 and when they do, new opportunities will present themselves

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