Monday, April 08, 2013

#CILDC : Libraries, Archives and Museums: Collaboration on a Large Scale, part 3

Michael Anker - collaboration on a large scale: Danish digital library

Why? The library's mission.
The challenges ahead are only getting better.

Shared infrastructure
Buying consortia

Curation - 
Anker showed several examples that demonstrate the idea of "curation."  Libraries are curating their collections.  Content providers are not good at curation (e.g., ebook publishers), but libraries are.

Platform - 
For example, Bibliotext Online, which is an iPad app that shows the new content that the library is buying.
Bapps - creating an app framework that can be used by all libraries.

Infrastructure - 
30 years of format change - demonstrates that you cannot predict the future.  Your infrastructure needs to be robust.

There is a "tool" where you can scan a physical book cover and it will tell connect you to book reviews and other content.

Sharing - 
Library produced content
The more content you have, the more visits you get 
Public libraries are not unique, so what not share content across library web sites?!

CMS (content management system) - 
Using Drupal - open source

The Danish Digital Library takes care of the boring tech details and allows the libraries themselves worry about the fun stuff.

Need to dig into the relationships of the data that they are creating.  What will the data tell them?  

DDL facilitates development, distribution and negotiation.

If you don't know about architecture, you cannot build good web sites and you can't talk about curation.

We need a paradigm shift in order to meet the challenges of the future.

Q&A ---
Michael Edson - 
LIS and museum studies students - rethink the methods and platforms. Libraries are confused about why they exist and how to fulfill their missions. Popular thinking a out libraries precludes how we need to think about what we do.  Lots of librarians can stack books; which ones will change the world?
Small solo librarians have a need to collaborate and will collaborate.

Merete - What type of "digital training" are students receiving?  

Michael S. - embrace technology but know that it is only tool.  Know what you want to do with it.  

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