Wednesday, April 10, 2013

#CILDC : New and Innovative Tech (Tuesday evening session)

This was a fast paced session, so I hope I've associated the correct people with the correct topics.

Lee Rainie started things off.  (I missed one of the points)
- Libraries are beloved
---Libraries stack up well vs other institutions
- People like their librarians
- Libraries have rebranded themselves as tech hubs
- Ebook reading is growing; borrowing is just getting started 
--- ereading devices keep growing
- African Americas a and  Latinos are enthusiastic
- The public invites you (libraries) to be more engaged in knotty problems
- Libraries have a PR problem / opportunity 
- There is churn in library use
--- those that are using the library more may be doing so because of a kid in the family
--- being a retreating from libraries due to tech use
- There is a truly detached population out there that matters to you

Now the fun!  There are 7 presenters and 3 hecklers.
This event came with fun rules, including think big.

As we get older, we get less optimistic, but then we get more optimistic.
Need to be more optimistic about our experience.
TTWWADI - that's the way we've always done it
Relentless Optimism.  Relentless.
It is important to find someone who shares your vision and supports you. 

Michael Edson 

Sara Kelley-Mudie - The Forman School.  I didn't take notes, but inspiring to hear about her students, their challenges in terms of learning, and what she does.

Leah White  & Caroline Jobe
Village learning place & Little Free Libraries
1) inspire staff and volunteers
2) create new external partnerships
3) allow us to share the VLP story with a wider audience
4) promote access - will be installing five and likely more after that.
5) increase awareness of what we offer - each LFL is modeled after the library and carries the library's logo and a QR code.
Question - how will the assess the impact of them?
--- interested in the movement of books
--- interested in the partnerships

Jason Griffey - The LibraryBox Project
Portable private digital distribution
Off the grid
Being used currently on five continents 

Sheli McHugh & Kristen Yarney - Near Field Communication 
- basically, a cool presentation looking at how near field communication has changed libraries and society, from a future point of view.

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