Monday, April 08, 2013

#CILDC : Augmented Reality and Next-Gen Libraries

Nathan Flinchum (@justnathan) - DIY BYOD AR: OMG: Tips for augmented reality beginners
Bringing History to Life
- Accessibility
- Discoverability
- Context 

Overlay what the space looked like on top of what it looks like now.

The Big Idea-
- Seed Roanoke with historical imagery
- Promote som spots, not all
- Encourage the community to contribute images

They are using:
 Aurasma (software)
- likes libraries
- ad-free images
- can create a custom-skinned IOS app
WhereamIat? (Software)
- latitude/longitude for IOS

Be Aware!
- cellular locative ability is not great. Locations on mobile devices are fuzzy.  Geolocated points are difficult.
- conditions for image recognition are poor. Lighting makes a huge difference.

Do it anyway!
- historical collections can move outside
- armchair historians are drawn in
- it's cool!

Tips for overcoming challenges
- provide devices, if desired
- provide alternative viewing options
--- Google maps
--- Photoshopped images
--- In-library displays 
- stay indoors on wifi

The distrbuted library
- LibraryBoxes
- History all around
- use the library as a home base 

Michelle Yu and Mason Yang - 
Gen Y
- digital natives 
- mobile computing
- mobile computing as a platform for learning

What is it?
- AR is part of virtual reality
- a composite view
- the augmentation can take many forms
- typical AR research focuses on use of live video imagery that is then augmented
--- combines virtual and real
--- 3D
--- interactive in real-time

Why use it?
- can improve the user's performance and information comprehension

AR applications in various fields
- used in many different industries including medical and entertainment
- Yelp using the Monocle AR feature
- Wikitude
- Google Goggles
- Google Sky Map

AR in libraries of today and the future
- a low-level version of this is using QR Codes to connect patrons with online content.

Double Robotics
- allows people to visit in real-time from a distance

Google Glass

Audience comment - AR is allowing books to come to life.  Characters can "come off the page." Great for use with kids.  
- Nathan - books as apps.  AR does not need to be a passive experience.
Audience member is using AR in her school library for book reviews.  Another used it for a tour of the city.

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