Wednesday, April 10, 2013

#CILDC : Evolving Tech Support to Manage & Discover E-Resources

Li Fu & John Coogan
77% of classes online - University System of Maryland
Virtual library with a small staff, including 19 librarians
Using EBSCO, SFX, CONTENTdm, LibGuides 

What is evolving?
- discovery - implemented EBSCO EDS
- access
--- mobile access, mobile devices are automatically detected
--- placing a discovery tool on the library's homepage may have caused reference questions to go down
- content
--- content gateway vs content provider
--- CONTENTdm 
--- lectures, presentations, papers
--- created submission criteria
--- create author agreements
--- cataloguing guidelines
- authentication
--- moving to a single sign-on model
--- Shibboleth & EZ proxy
--- need to add additional criteria specific to the library in terms of access
- patron support
--- reference questions -> technology questions
--- providing more help through info on the web site
--- two system librarians cover "tech duty"
- assessment
--- no idea of what we do -> analytical
--- google analytical
--- lots of data, including search statements (not identifiable patron data)
- librarians
--- mindset
--- skill set
--- workflows
--- collaboration

Candice Kail & Colleen Major 
Columbia University Libraries spends over $10 million per year on e-resources
E-resources interface working group

Four projects 
- redesigned the OpenURL results screen
- evaluated open access collections
- mobile resources
- locally designed and developed backlight interface (CLIO beta)

2CUL - Cornell and Columbia - plan to merge tech services
- looking at e-resources that they have in common
- cognitive walk throughs

Problems of group decision making
- group me members are doing this work above and beyond what they already do
- designing by committee
- understanding the skills of the group
- consistent meeting attendance
- changes in who is in the group

- multiple perspectives 
- getting people involved at the right time (earlier)

Overlap between divisions and other changes
- creating a seamless user experience
- lack of agility
- the mobile e-resource redirects 
- personnel changes
- third party products vs. locally hosted
- communication is often not part of the workflow and is done as an after thought

This work can be. Very organization specific

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