Monday, April 08, 2013

#CILDC : Brian Pichman, Innovative Technologies

Mokena Community Public Library - kids and teens space

My notes are spotty because he had SO much content that came very quickly.  His slides are at:
He tweets at @bpichman

Need to create a public value
- Move from being a process to being an experience
- allow patrons to create their own stories

Key concepts
- Innovation must be an original disruptive action.  Implementing what someone else has done is not being innovative.
- interaction 
- discover 
- collaboration
- invention 

the library has a playground
- fab labs, etc.

Evolve Project - 
- smart tables
- laser tag in the library
- Sphero ball - control with your phone 
- creation stations - Sifteo Cubes, Lego We-Do
- Little Bits
- Gaming stations - no times limits.  Show those kids that have been playing for along time what else the can do in the library.  Use it to introduce other services.  Kids work with stories and plots.  Teaches teamwork and collaboration.
- Tech petting zoo - nothing is tethered down
- Open Play Coliseum
- Music chairs - listen to music or even Playaways
- Gesture based computing
- Rotate the children's collection. Display in bins.  Flipping thru the bins gets kids to see more book covers.

Why? Get kids to interact with each other and with library resources in a different way.

Could you create interactive library cards?
- could be a card that gets more colorful as kids read more books or interact more with the library.
- LCD screen cards (like  MasterCard)


Teach staff to use the technology and them allow them to evangelize.
Approach companies to help fund the purchase of technology.  Ask for discounts.  Use Kickstarter, etc.  

Pitched Google to do a streetview of the library.

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