Monday, April 08, 2013

#CILDC : BYOD - Kateri Abeyta

Denver Library System, 25 branches
52% of employees use at least devices for business
Need to find tools that keep the devices inline with network policies.  It needs to scalable, flexible, manageable, provide tiered security.

What data is available to staff right now?  What data is or should be in the cloud?
What information needs to be secured?
Can the current network infrastructure handle additional nodes without degrading? What is the tipping point?

DPL - working to a holistic solution slowly.  First tackling email. Moving email and calendars to Google.  Google apps mobile management.
Also revamped their intranet.

Most common request that they get is to access the ILS.  It contains customer data, so they will need to ensure that this is done correctly and securely.

Backbone of the strategy is the mobile device policy. In this regard, they are concerned with staff, not patrons.  Training and user education is important.  Need good FAQs.
Set expectations on what can be done on the wired or wireless network.  For some apps, the user may need to be hard wired.

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