Wednesday, April 10, 2013

#CILDC : Blog Talk Radio: Connect, Collaborate & Enthuse!, Forrest Foster

Was put in charge of the learning commons, that had not yet been built.
Criteria - 
- little funding
- no space / design issues
- aesthetics

- train staff
- no new staff
- find out what students want
- cater to the coddle culture
- form committee / advisory group

The reference  collection was in their desired space area. It needed to be trimmed and weeded.  A two year project.  Reference collection that remained went onto movable shelving.

They visited other institutions.  Consulted other practitioners and experts.

Still had so many questions that were unanswered?
Had to be a barrier breaker, a social entrepreneur and a conversation starter.

So...Blog Talk Radio!
- largest online radio network.  
- understood his need.  Found a way to fill the void.

Uses it to talk to experts on learning commons and get his questions answered.
"We're not large, but doing and learning much."
cost of the program is ~$30/month

Still early...needs to start assessing them impact
- gathering a lot of knowledge
- building the commons and their knowledge  incrementally 
- understand that they need to have policies and procedures for their commons.
- increased iPad usage by connecting with something that students needed to do
- host tech talks.  Doesn't matter how many people attend. Remember to create  your definition of success

Act Locally, Share Globally - started  out with intentions to help themselves and ended up helping others.

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