Tuesday, April 09, 2013

#CILDC : Storm Cunningham, Libraries as Community Revitalizers

The rise of citizen-led regeneration of communities 

1) Public-private partnerships that create funding
2) libraries as community spaces, incubators...being supportive.
3) becoming a catalytic force in the neighborhood.  Computer-based especially crowd technologies.  Is non-capital-intensive.  Three trends:
--- restorative development - three modes of development: new development, maintenance/conservation, restorative environment. Book "Restorative Economy"   Our reporting systems don't capture all of the restorative work that is occurring.
--- citizen leadership - 4Ps of progress - plans, projects, polls/protests, policies.  Missing was "programs."  Citizen led renewal automatically means engagement.
--- crowd technologies - social media only connects us.  Crowd technologies allows us to build public support. 
----- crowd-mapping
----- crowd sourcing

Crowd technologies is the opposite of "groupthink" and "mindless masses."

"It's hard to be humble when you're a librarian."

Book - "Pulbic libraries and resilient cities"

What does the smear for libraries? Includes:
- more project started by library users
- More ability for citizens to gain strong public support 

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