Thursday, June 15, 2023

Library Futures: Copyright Booth to Go!

A few weeks ago, Library Futures released their 2022 Annual Report, which is a website that links to other resources.  Library Futures had an amazing 2022 including submitting 3 amicus briefs, hosting 18 webinars, and producing 3 research papers.

One thing that caught my eye is that:

Community Fellow Emily Finch converted the American Library Association Conference copyright booth into a portable Open Educational Resource that can be used anywhere.

You know that copyright questions often fall into specific categories and this handout captures that idea, while also provide using advice and pointing to other resources. 

Yes, use it! It's an Open Education Resource (OER), which means it is meant to be used and shared.

Article: What generative AI means for copyright

Rachel Alexander's opening text to this article gets at our fears:

Creatives are worried about being thrown out of a job by generative AI, while artificial intelligence developers leave themselves open to copyright infringement claims by training their AI on unlicensed material.

Her article is written from a UK perspective but does touch on approaches being used in the U.S. and EU. And if you're wondering why you should read it, this should capture your attention:

Generative AI presents a new scenario on which to apply questions that copyright has been grappling with for centuries such as: Who can be an author? What is original? What constitutes ‘fair dealing’ with a protected work? 
Information Age, which published this article, has a number of stories on generative AI.  If that is a topic you are following, you may want to follow Information Age.