Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My students are blogging again this semester

For one of the assignments in the course "Creating, Managing and Preserving Digital Assets", the students must blog about digitization programs that they have found online. This assignment forces them to look at several programs and to critique them. What they notice in the programs changes during the semester as they learn more about digitization. In the beginning, they may focus on the way the site looks and then start commenting more on metadata and searchability as the semester goes on. This semester, the student blog posts are at Please note that because of a requirement concerning the ownership of student work, the students' names do not display on the blog posts.

The blog posts from previous semesters are at

You are welcome to read their blog posts and comment on them. Comments need to be appropriate. Inappropriate and spam comments will be deleted. Comments that help them expand their knowledge of digitization are greatly appreciated. And if your program has been reviewed, feel free to ask questions about what they said and why. Keep in mind that they only know what they can see and don't have the background knowledge of an insider.

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