Tuesday, March 03, 2009

LexisNexis: Digital Asset Management

LexisNexis, a company that provides some digital asset management services, has create a web page with information about its services AND more generic information that might be of interest even to non-LN users. If you look at the page, you'll see information related to digitization in these categories (which are not specific to LN's services):
  • Conferences
  • News Headlines
  • Top Blogs
One of the things that is interesting about the page is that you can rearrange the items on it and thus customize it for your own use. You might, for example, bring the news headlines to the top.

It has taken them quite a while to go live with this page. Let's hope continues to grow in the amount of content it contains.

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Anonymous said...

Jill, Thanks for the post/link. We intend to grow the content available on the site and appreciate comments/suggestions from you and your readers.