Monday, March 30, 2009

CIL2009: A Super Searcher Shares 25 Search Thoughts

A bit of news first:
  • More than 2000 people will be attending events related to Computers in Libraries this year. Although not a record, very respectable in this economy. Many first-timers and many who have been here before. I realized this morning that CIL is both an event and a family reunion. For those of us who use Twitter, etc., this is one conference were we get to catch-up face-to-face.
  • The is a good Library Society of the World presence, with several of us wearing our Library Society of the World Shovers and Makers t-shirts (including me). Steve Larson has some LSW buttons that he is handing out. BTW I accepted by Shovers and Makers award last week. (BTW the LSW has definitely proven the power of web 2.0 and social networking!)
  • Have already run into one current Syracuse Univ. iSchool student and one alumni. Always a pleasure to connect names with faces and to see people who haven't seen in a long time.
  • And if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I ran into flight problems last night (and I wasn't the only one). Thankfully was able to take an early morning flight and get here before the conference started.
  • SLA booth as a wonderful display about the history of the organization. SLA is 100 years old this year!
  • Tomorrow's CIL keynote will be streamed live at
  • Lee Rainer was the keynote speaker this morning and he talked about the various technology users (Internet users) by category.
Okay...Mary Ellen Bates is this first session speaker. Her links will be at She is flying through her slides, so check the URL for all of the URLs and whatever else she puts up for this session.
  1. -- Online magazine rack
  2. -- Visualization and clustering and meta-search. Results are shown in tiles. Can view results in many different ways.
  3. -- Adds lexical variants. Does lexical analysis. Will expand concepts. Does clustering in German.
  4. -- Tag search across multiple search engines
  5. -- Clustering on demand, with a choice of sorting algorithms.
  6. Microsoft Live Search -- Has a "prefer" feature. For example: hybrid car prefer convertible
  7. The Awesome Highlighter -- Highlights text on a page, that is then archived for you to review later.
  8. TextRunner Search -- Looks for "assertions". Good for answering questions.
  9. Google Translated Search -- Takes an English query and translates it into the language that you want. Will show you the results in both languages. Uses machine translation.
  10. Twitter Venn -- Shows word usage in Twitter (frequency).
  11. VisWiki -- Does a search of wikipedia and provides the results visually.
  12. Wikiroll
  14. ReadWriteWeb -- Social media cheat sheets
  15. Legal Research Engines (Cornell)
  18. Google Searchwiki
  21. -- in beta - can weight search results
  22. Get Conference Buzz -- use Technorati, Twitter, etc., to track conference info
  23. Google - speech to text indexing
  24. Google Maps Mashups
Grrr....I missed one! She could have done a third of these things and I would have been happy. And I wonder, can anyone actually remember/implement everything she mentions?

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