Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CIL2009: Random lunch conversation

Four of us went to lunch at McDonald's. The gentleman (a professional dad) at the next table wondered what Maurice Coleman's t-shirt said (Library Society of the World Shovers and Makers) and then wondered if we were librarians. Wben we said "yes", he gave us all high-fives! He appreciates libraries for their content and pleased that he son has become a reader due to his exposure with libraries. (We forgot to ask whether his son's love of reading came from interaction at a public or school library.) When he got up to leave, he engaged us in a conversation about software, open source software, and libraries. He believes in the power of open source and hopes that libraries will use more open source software. After he left, we sat amazed. Here was a random conversation that was an appropriate addition to our CIL experience. He was a user that many library administrators should meet.

Maurice took a photo of this library supporter (above, added 4/1/2009).

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