Monday, March 30, 2009

CIL2009: Searching Conversations: Twitter, Facebook, & the Social Web

Greg Notess is the speaker. (Always forget that his last name is pronounced No-Tess.)

Public vs. Private Conversations:
  • Lines are blurring
  • Fully public: on open web sites
  • Semi-public communities - members only
  • Mostly private - If no one else shares
  • What is archives? And where?
Old databases (old ways we had our conversations online) - Conversations occur on:
  • Email and email lists
  • Usenet (Google Groups)
  • Web forums
Discussion forums are searched through:
Email and email lists:
  • People want to search their own email
  • Web archives - may be only for subscribers
  • Some lists are searchable, but it may feel archaic
The Summize Story:
  • Searched reviews and options, but people didn't use it much
  • Added a Twitter search option
  • So good that Twitter bought them (
  • Should rise to prominence
  • There are advance commands - can search for a user, hashtags. emoticons, questions, links and more
  • Good for finding people's initial reactions to something (like presidential debates)
  • Oh....Twitter advanced search!
Tweetzi: Another Twitter search engine

  • Signup
  • See in-network profiles
  • See most participants' friends
  • Community & group demographics
  • Facebook's web search may be Live Search (
  • Can limit who can see your profile (and important thing to consider and likely do)
  • Few users actually change their default privacy settings, but it seems to be growing in popularity
People Searching in General:
  • Pipl -- Surfaces information that you might not find otherwise
  • Spokeo -- Find people's social networking activities. Must have an account. Can track all of your friends' social networking activities. Find more of the person's usernames. Fee-based.
In other news: I forget to mention that I purchases Ruth Kneale's book this morning, You Don't Look Like a Librarian: Shattering Stereotypes and Creating Positive New Images in the Internet Age. This is a topic that she has been passionate about for years. Ruth, congratulations!

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