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Event: E-books and E-content 2009

With a more and more content being born and disseminated digitally, conferences like this one are increasing in importance.

E-books and E-content 2009
University College London, 12 May 2009, 10.00 to 17.00

The theme of E-books and E-content this year is innovation – the new tools and techniques which have emerged in e-publishing which will impact on everybody involved in content creation and delivery. As usual the event will be of interest to publishers, librarians, content developers and managers, and all involved in the information value chain. It will take both a strategic view and look at some practical implementations of these new ideas which include the impact of social networking, Web 2.0 and the web generally, using search as a publishing tool and re-publishing and re-purposing content to suit different requirements.

The day will be led by Professor David Nicholas, Director of the Centre for Publishing and the Department of Information Studies at UCL, who will present the research agenda for EC-content, particularly focusing on how users interact with electronic sources in the scholarly sector. He will be followed by two keynote speakers with contrasting views of the future, starting with Ruth Jones, Director of Publisher Business Development in EMEA for Ingram Digital, one of the world's major publishing enterprises. Ruth has over 20 years' experience in the publishing, library and electronic information industries and brings not only experience of the publishing sector but until recently was Head of Product Development at the British Library. She will provide a strategic view from the perspective of a commercial publisher, and will be followed by Richard Wallis, the Technology Evangelist of Talis, the library and information systems solution provider, who will predict trends in web and IT generally and how they impact on our domain. Richard has spoken at many major international events and publishes a blog on all matters to do with information and libraries.

Subsequent papers will review in more detail issues such as Open Access models, with a presentation from Eelco Ferwerda from Holland, CEO of OAPEN, the network of University publishers in Europe; re-publishing and re-purposing featuring Emerson Samuels of Mark Logic, an international supplier of innovative technologies to the e-publishing community whose customers are as diverse as Elsevier, the US Army and the University of Toronto Library. Finally, social networking will also feature through presentations from Timo Hannay of Nature, a leading Web 2.0 adopter, and Dan Pollock, lead analyst with Outsell – the information industry analysts. Steven Flower, Technical Analyst with Substance, an innovative social research and communication organisation, will talk about how they have established a national programme of portals which combine content from multiple sources pitched at the difficult audience of young adults. PLINGS (places to go, things to do) is a project and network deploying multi-channel web technologies.

A plenary session chaired by Anthony Watkinson of UCL, will bring together the day's experts and others to debate what stakeholders can get from these new developments, what are the business trends and models, and what will be the impact on our customers and service users.

The event will be chaired by Hazel Woodward, Librarian of Cranfield University, with input from Anthony Watkinson and John Akeroyd of UCL.

Registration fee: £110 per delegate

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Venue: JZ Young Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building, Gower Street

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I cannot encourage this type of learning behavior enough.

Blogging to through my MLS has significantly increased the relevancy of what I've learned, allowed for great conversations with all kinds of professionals, and conditioned my mind by creating more opportunities for critical analyses.