Friday, March 06, 2009

Book: Encoded Archival Description on the Internet

Michele in Syracuse University's Special Collections Research Center just recommended this book to me and, given her passion for EAD, I figure this must be an excellent resource.

Written by Daniel Pitti and Wendy Duff in 2001, Encoded Archival Description on the Internet contains 11 papers that "discuss the fundamentals of archival arrangement and description and illustrate how EAD facilitates descriptive practice and extends reference and access in an electronic networked environment." (review) Michele said that the book does not teach how to create EAD, but provides much needed background information. Helen Tibbo in her review noted, "For those who know little about EAD, Encoded Archival Description on the Internet is an excellent introduction from the key individuals who have guided its development. For those already using or familiar with EAD, this book should raise many questions and venues for exploration."

Looks like a book that I'll be adding to feature versions of my Digitization 101 resource list.

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