Thursday, June 08, 2006

Digitization and SLA

The annual conference for the Special Libraries Association (SLA) starts in two days in Baltimore, MD. K. Matthew Dames and I are doing workshops on digitization on Saturday and Sunday (June 10 & 11). There are also other digitization-related workshops and conference sessions and there are a few digitization-related companies exhibiting in the Exhibit Hall (Info Expo). One of the products I'm looking forward to learning more about is CSA's MultiSearch, which is a federated search product, and which I think should work on digitized materials (but we'll see what CSA says).

The Exhibit Hall will be open Sunday through Tuesday. The formal conference itself is Sunday through Wednesday (June 11 - 14).

I will be blogging the conference in the SLA Conference Blog. I'll also post digitization-relating information here in Digitization 101. If you are interested in following what all of the bloggers are saying about the conference, go to Technorati and following what appears with the sla2006 tag. I would also expect to see some photos in Flickr with the sla2006 tag also.

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