Thursday, June 01, 2006

Library Outreach -- Scare Fair

Yesterday I did another workshop on Library Outreach, this time for the Rochester Regional Library Council. We looked at many web sites, discussed ideas, and did some brainstorming. The panelists all talked about what they had tried and presented some very interesting successes. The most interesting was the "Scare Fair" held at Rush Rhees Library at the University of Rochester (NY). This link is for the 2003 event, but it is done annually. They decorate the library, have a scavenger hunt (of sorts), give out candy, have food/drinks, do a costume contest, and -- the piece de resistance -- give tours of the tower on top of the library. This tower is normally closed to the public. The tower is a huge hit with the students. It's too bad they had not integrated some of their online offerings into the event. However, just getting students into the library and recognizing a bit more of what it has to offer is wonderful.

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