Thursday, June 15, 2006

SLA2006: Digitization at MHS

One of the presentations that I heard was the library director of the Maryland Historical Society talking about the Eubie Blake Collection. The director, Beatriz Hardy, spoke about all the things that went wrong as they tried to work on the project as well as how the problems were overcome. It is a miracle that the project was completed and completed successfully! Then she listed her "lessons learned." They were:

  • Be flexible
  • Look at different angles (see the project from different angles, look at different ways of getting things done)
  • Reveal your problems
  • Be willing to admit that you don't know (whatever that may be)
  • Hire good people and check their references
  • Don't limit yourself geographically (vendors, staff, etc.)
  • Keep good records
  • Students work cheap
  • Have humor

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