Monday, June 19, 2006

SLA2006: Microfilm Digitization Vendor Roundtable

I missed this session but j Baumgart has posted brief notes. Here -- it seems -- is the most important point:
If you're working with a paper that has a long history, don't forget that papers 100 years ago had different contents than papers today. It's important to pick a vendor who can handle your older issues and their content.
j points out that once newspapers have been digitized, publishers are pursuing various options to recoup their costs (or even make money). As we know, newspaper content is very hot with genealogists, history buffs, and historians. A good, continual marketing effort will serve the publisher well in making people aware of the digitized content.

BTW like every good conference, the sessions that you really should attend conflict with other sessions that you really should attend, as well as vendor demos, etc. Thankfully, fellow bloggers do make it possible to be in two places at once!

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