Thursday, June 01, 2006

Out-Source Document Imaging

Late yesterday afternoon -- after a full day of work for everyone involved -- I visited with people at the Out-Source Document Imaging in Rochester, NY. Here was another digitization service bureau in the region that was new to me, but has been in business for a few years. (Isn't it amazing how digitization companies seem to always be "flying under the radar"?) This growing company creates microfilm as well as digitizes materials. Quite the operation! We spent two hours talking and looking at equipment.

But here is what impressed me -- and that I've seen no one else do as well -- they showed me before and after photos of their work. There were photos of what the materials looked like when they arrived, photos of the work-in-progress, and photos of the many re-boxed originals and the small number of CDs used to store the images. We know that converting hardcopy materials to a digital format will save space, but here were photos that showed how much. I don't know how often they show off those photos, but what a cool marketing tool!

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

(BTW -- Yes, I know that those hardcopy materials will likely not be thrown out and will need continued storage, but they can now go into low-cost, off-site storage, while people use the digital files to access needed information.)

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