Friday, June 23, 2006

Image Data ScanPro 1000

I had an opportunity to see this microfilm scanner at the SLA conference. (BTW -- people do want see equipment at conferences and trade shows, not just brochures.) The ScanPro 1000 is produced by Image Data and sold by Brodart (and likely others). You can read about it here. The ScanPro 1000 scans all microform and micro opaques. It has a optical 7X to 54X zoom lens that means you don't have to stop your look-ups to change lenses. As the site says, "using the included software, you can annotate, network, e-mail, save to other media, and print all of your scans, right from your PC."

Why am I mentioning this equipment? Microfilm is not going away. Many people still need to use microfilm to do research and giving them the option to scan (rather than print) is a great option. This piece of equipment competes with the S-T Imaging ST200. Anyone interested in these types of machines should look at both of these (maybe a head-to-head comparison), as well as keep an eye open for any other machines in this category.

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Anonymous said...

I found this unit on the internet at Their advertised price is much lower than Brodart.

Anonymous said...

The internet site sells the ScanPro 1000 at an excellent discount and has PDF files on specifications, etc. that can be downloaded for this product. Eye Communication Systems makes a DRS5000 which is is a very competive product in this catagory. It has a 7X-48x zoom and uses a 5 megapixel color camera. This product may also be found on this website.

Anonymous said...

I recieved cost for the Scanpro 1000 from
they have the lowest price I've seen and have a very knowlegable staff who are very helpful.

Anonymous said...

We purchased a ScanPro 1000 last year. It is exceptional. It is fast (1 second high resolution scan at all magnifications) and is easy to use with exceptional image features (image clean-up, image editing, save to all the popular image formats), the best equipment available and we have tried them all).