Tuesday, March 08, 2016

CILDC : Super Searcher Tools and Tips

Speaker: Mary Ellen Bates

Google (and other Internet) Search Tips and Tricks:
  • Parentheses don't work 
    • You type: (a and b) or (c or d)
    • Google does: a and (b or c) and d
  • To search a range works ($50..$125) 
  • The site search:   Site:cdc.gov zika
  • Use * strategically.  * replaces any term in URL. 
    • site:*.nasa.* inurl:innovation
    • "Joe.*.smith@acme.com"
    • "Tony hseih" -site:zappos.*
    • Fined alternative names: "mr * hseih" zappos -tony
  • Use: around(n) - to look for two words near each other but not as a phrase.
    • "Hsiesh is" around(8) zappos
  • Use reverse-image search on person's profile photo to find more mentions of the person.  Do the search in Google image or another image search engine.
  • Get leads for experts
    • Site:Twitter.com/*/lists inurl:librarians
  • Search Facebook from the outside
    • Facebook.com/directory
    • Browse or search by name
    • Only shows public search profiles
    • Also try site:Facebook.com
  • Can't ID a phone number? Look it up in Facebook.  
    • You can change your privacy settings to change it so people cannot look up your phone number.
  • Filter your gmail.
  • BingItOn.com - Bing's blind comparison of Bing and Google search results
  • NorthernLight.com
    • Millie.northernlight.com (free)
    • Market intelligence
    • 8 broad categories
    • Strategy, industry segments, hot topics and trends
    • Nice as a starting place 
  • Use filters to data-mine
    • Works with the Internet and other search engines.
    • Provides some useful intelligence
  • ID competitors in LinkedIn
    • "People also viewed"
  • Use LinkedIn to find where people at a current company used to work
    • Current company search
    • Use past company search to find where people moved to
  • Use LinkedIn to find what organization's people belong to and use that info to meet them
  • Searching with images
    • Search Google Images for charts, etc.
    • Identity a site where you should dig deeper.
  • Good myth busters 
  • Printfriendly.com - creates a printer-friendly version of a web page

  • Is it worth paying for a fee-based versions of LinkedIn?  She thinks yes.
  • Can you "or" together several different sites for a site search?  Yes, but she would suggest search each site one at a time.

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Insightful. Thanks.