Wednesday, March 09, 2016

CILDC : Global Outreach

[Due to my schedule, I was only at half of this session.]

Anita Feidler
Margaret Metcalf
Kerry Martin
Becky Milton

Four presenters from CEB, which is a member based organization with over 21000 executives are members. They have over 50 offices across the globe.  In 2000, the library had 6 staff members.  The staff in the IRC has remained the same.  Since 2000, they have acquired organizations which helped the size of CEB grow.

The 6 IRC staff all have MSLIS degrees and over 60 years of CEB experience.

Training - The IRC Curriculum:
  • Research 101 for Revenue Teams 
  • IRC 101 for research and advisory analysts
  • On demand roadshows for specific practices
Before 2014:
  • Classroom based
  • Local attendees
  • Teach 1-2 classes per month typical
  • Did webinars for their international offices either early in the morning or late at night
This model was no longer effective.  They realized that thy needed to move to elearning. Wanted that elearning to be compatible with the corporate learning management system.  They wanted flexibility in the type/format of online training.  They wanted the software to be on a device that could b moved to a quiet space for recording.  They software needed to fit into their budget.

The elearning modules are more task based than tool based.

The feedback has generally been good and they've been able to train twice as many people.  They are going to move to creating smaller modules than are more focused.  In terms of editing, they believe the smaller modules will be easier to create.  They have found that some offices prefer webinars.

They created an internal search tool called "Across the Board."

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