Tuesday, March 08, 2016

CILDC : Advanced Twitter: Research Tips for Power Users

Tracy Z. Maleeff started by giving a disclaimer about Twitter and that the fact that the service changes.  She also noted that she uses a lot of free sources.

Twitter users tend to be in a specific age demographic.  Twitter is not the medium used by everyone.

Twitter's heavy usage is early afternoon in the local time zone.

Twitter search:
  • To / from people - From:marciadorsey to:jack. OR from:@marciadorsey to:@jack
  • To:Walmart defective
  • From:johnlegere :-(   - this finds :-( and :(
  • "Snow" near:20005 within:5mi   - people have to be geotagging and not spiffing their location.
  • Traffic near:wc1
  • Pancakes source:Instagram
  • You will get different results when you are logged in versus when you are not logged in.
  • Does your search take into account spelling variations?
  • To search a foreign language, you the language country code.  Lang=Fr
Tools for managing your Twitter stream:
  • Nuzzel.com  - it will send you an email summary.  It is also an app. (URL corrected)
  • Storify.com - a Twitter compiler
  • Hootsuite - for scheduling tweets
  • Tweetdeck - for scheduling tweets
  • Buffer - for scheduling tweets
  • Twellowhood - for finding accounts geographically, based on a person's profile.
  • Twilert - on-demand Twitter alerts via email.  They do offer a free option.
  • ZeroFox - cyber security for social media accounts.  Fee-based service.

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