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CILDC : Ideas from the 2016 "Enabling Innovation" brainstorming session

Brainstorming sessionDuring my "Enabling Innovation" session on March 10, I had a large number of people do a brainstorming exercise. (We were spread out in the center section of the International Ballroom, so hard to tell how many people there were.)   We were not at tables, so people had to work and move around in order to interact.  If you look at my slides, you can see the topics and brainstorming techniques that they were to use (either the long list or brand-storming).  I'm impressed that people did decide to use new-to-them brainstorming techniques AND that the interaction seemed fruitful.  I encouraged people to share their lists with me, so I could post and share them.  This is the intent of this blog post...which may be long. Apologies if the formatting gets messy.  I've done a minimal amount of editingI'll do my best to keep it all neat and I'll add more lists as they become available.

"We brainstormed on how we could help an ESL [English as a Second Language] patron"
  1. Direct to language classes
  2. Help search for a job
  3. Connect with others speaking their language
  4. Find an English learners conversation group for them
  5. Find a church
  6. Help enroll the children in school
  7. With money exchange rates
  8. Put up signs that say ‘We speak …” for language staff members are fluent in
  9. Bilingual story time
  10. Help them find a helpful civic group
  11. Find helpful web site
  12. Provide books in their language and bilingual books
  13. Find cultural events
  14. Hire bilingual staff
  15. Make the library’s web site multilingual
  16. Help them find how to become a citizen
  17. Have multilingual library events/programs
  18. Find/host a tutoring service
  19. Show them how to use the transit system
  20. Provide a map of the community
Long List of Services for ESOL [English for Speakers of Other Language] community:
  1. bilingual storytime
  2. movie screenings/discussions
  3. classes
  4. guest speakers
  5. citizenship forms walk-through
  6. easy-to-find display with books, audio, media
  7. designated area with seating
  8. conversation pairs with volunteers
  9. software to borrow
  10. software to use on-site
  11. translators on site
  12. ethnic food nights
  13. ethnic craft nights
  14. cooking demos, classes
  15. after-school tutoring
  16. family group tutoring
Brand-Storming:  Military Services - army/navy

The brand: McDonalds
  • Golden arches icon is universal
  • play areas
  • comfortable/casual
  • physical space for interaction
  • Social space
The brand: Sports (various brands)

Concepts associated with military vets:
  • Trustworthy
  • Sports
  • Patriotism
  • Self reliance
  • hunting
  • bonding
  • video games
Service ideas:
  • (re)integration
  • jobs/training
  • injury/physical impairment
  • story telling/self expression
  • networking/community/people finding
  • Physical space w/ comfy furniture
  • social space
 ESOL long list:
  • Texting services
  • Children designing programs for parents
  • Spanish computer classes
  • Library Boxes with detailed content about library
  • Hi/lo books
  • Play-aways with book and recording
  • Surveys in other languages
  • Meet-ups for specific countries in the library
  • Feed them
  • Cooking classes
  • Diaspora food fest
  • Film night – English with subtitles in their language
  • Regional accents – idioms
  • Toastmasters
  • Signage
  • Inviting speakers – trained as ESOL
Brand-storming with Lego as the brand:

Creating workspaces or services for military veterans
  1. Build a model à wouldn’t be a uniform color
  2. With people to play with lego people
  3. Modular, with things you could pull out and move around
  4. Alternate ways of interacting with content – accessible
  5. Motorized devices, interactive elements like a toybox
  6. A notepad for your mission is…
  7. Opportunity to articulate their own mission
  8. Clearly stated goals
  9. Opportunities to work with kids
  10. A chance to tell their stories or introduce service animals -> in different ways, maybe you could show it rather than talk about it
  11. A way to share skills
  12. A built up model where veterans could teach others skills
  13. Would have a 3D printer to create materials
  14. Tie-ins with other brands – their own navy brand, army brand, etc .
  15. Lego video games about the military
  16. A chance to design lego video games
  17. Design your own lego set – military themed
  18. Some structured areas with plans/designs, other spaces for free play with lots of different legos to work with
  19. Fashion center – where you can try on different hats/outfits, etc. (gas masks, military equipment, etc.)
Brainstorming session
"Here is what our group came up with:
Workspaces or services for military veterans from the perspective of __

Lots of ideas for brands, some we mentioned: Starbucks, Peet's, REI, Apple—physical space is important. We chose Starbucks."

Important elements of Starbucks brand:
  • Comfortable seating and variety of seating types and times
  • Speed and convenience
  • Rewards program
  • Ease of consumption—ease of ordering
  • Branded own language (similar to military)
  • Color—muted, earth tones
  • Scent—particular roast is evocative
  • Music—muted, folksy, comforting
  • Tech accessible
  • Physical accessibility 
  • Non-age-group specific
Now, applying to library space:
  • Seating must be varied and apply to all kinds of physical needs
  • Music, colors, look of space cannot be specific to a particular age group
  • Provide comfort in family standardized language—it may familiar from the military experience
  • Space must fee very different from government or bureaucracy that may be a stressor in the veterans’ experience
  • Services must be efficient, easy to request, easy to understand, easy to access
 ESL [English as a Second Language] ideas:

  1. Cooking class
  2. job/resume
  3. Tours
  4. List of places to visit if you’re new
  5. After school activities
  6. Multigenerational for kids and grandparents
  7. Computer training
  8. Coding classes
  9. Language classes
  10. Book club
  11. Promotion of language e-resources
  12. Audiobooks
  13. Promotion of non-English resources
  14. Ads in public transportation
  15. Partnerships
  16. Mentoring
  17. Second generation with first generation
  18. Native language collection
  19. Dedicated space in library
  20. Interpreters on staff
  21. Bilingual staff
  22. Print on Demand English-ESL dual page books
  23. Assistance with government resources
  24. Tax prep help
  25. Sticker or Badge for bilingual staff
  26. Drive people around the area for orientation
  27. Translate library fliers into second languages of your community
  28. Restroom recordings in multiple language
  29. Checkout translation earpieces
  30. ESL accessible website
  31. Think past your own library - know the resources in your system
  32. Devices with language settings
  33. Librarian present at the ESL class
  34. Get the ESL program to come to your library for a tour
  35. Marketing the computer lab in those languages
  36. Project Gutenberg collection on e-reader in that language
  37. Bilingual storytime
  38. Subscribe to newspapers or periodicals in other languages
  39. Novels, newspapers in multiple languages

Again....I'll add here any other lists that I receive.  I don't know how many groups were in the room and don't know if they will all share their lists with me, so it is a bit of a waiting game!

Added March 18, 2016.

Do it with Nike - focused on veterans:
  • Sports-oriented
  • Campus-orientation
  • Non-traditional classes
  • Learning lounge
  • Social time – tea time
  • Choose their own curriculum
  • Group to group to individual level effort
  • Diverse skill development
  • Help them take ownership of efforts
  • Work with hands or compensate due to their own loss

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