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CILDC : The 21st Century Library: Building in Customer Relationships

There three speakers are from the NIST Research Library.

Vicky Spitalniak - Lab Librarian and the Research Library Board
Lab Librarians is a program that dates back to 1997.
Each NIST lab has a dedicated librarian, but the person is not embedded in the lab.  That person builds relationships within each lab.  Communicates library services and resources, based on individual lab needs.  The lab librarians back each other up.

The Research Library Board was established in 2002.  The Board is compressed of bench researchers, who meet regularly with library managers and others.  They provide feedback on resources.  The library managers can bounce ideas off of the Board.

Katie Rapp - Planning Library Renovations
The building is dated and has not been updated.  50 years old.  It doesn't work well for modern researchers. While they had moved forward on specific resources, they had ignored the physical space.

The took the architectural drawings to the Library Board, who were able to advocate for the library.  It helped NIST to move towards hiring a library architectural firm. As work as moved forward, they have kept the Library Board in the loop.

Team activities:
  • To explore and recommend space and design options
  • Include multiple research angles
    • Archive journal holdings study
    • Library literature
    • Researching peer libraries
    • Local library site visits
    • Customer focus groups
  • Recommendations reflect 21st century researchers' needs
The did a series of 9 focus groups, 58 people total.  The Library Board helped to identify participants for the focus groups.  The told the participants upfront things for them to think about and information needed.  However, once they were in the focus group, they did not guide the conversation unless they we totally off topic.

What did they learn?
  • They come to the library to interact with the staff
  • The need to get away from their desks
  • They like to browse the stacks - serendipity.
  • The space is open 24/7, however, the cafeteria closes at 3 p.m.  They need vending machines/coffee.
  • Provide various levels of quiet.
  • Smaller collaboration spaces.
  • Maximize window seating and outdoor spaces.
They are now working with the the library designers.  They are keeping the Library Board in the loop.  Those focus group participants may also become advocates.  They are identifying "low hanging fruit" and seeing what they can change now.

Stacy Bruss - Innovating with Temporary and Pilot Programs 
Gives them an opportunity to try things and see if people like it.

Innovation Corner since 2013.
  • Programs
    • 3D printers
    • Data visualization computer
    • Emerging Tech Bar
  • Library as a physical space and learning place
  • Road shows - versatile lab librarians
Reading Room Upgrade, 2015.
  • Installed electrical outlets and reading lights.
  • Moved furniture to take advantage of windows.
  • Moved Info Desk...and liked it!
Presentation Practice Room, 2015-2015.
  • Temporary use: Summer students for term-end presentations.
  • Full pilot: researchers not yet ready for this.
They recognize the need to cultivate and maintain relationships.
They have the ability to make incremental changes.

Planning for the Future:
  • Working with library designers.
  • New data visualization wall in the works.
  • Increasing their outreach.
  • Lab librarians are working with the Research Library aboard to bring in lab presenters and to do tours of the various libraries/facilities.

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