Thursday, March 10, 2016

CILDC : Embracing Training Failures & Learning From Them

Description: Panelists - Maurice Coleman, Topher Lawton and Jill Hurst-Wahl -  discuss real-world common and unusual training mishaps and pitfalls.They emphasize ways they mitigated those situations and what they implemented to ensure that the same challenges would not happen again in the library, off-site, and online. The session will include ideas to help any trainer/teacher/learner prepare for and cope with failures that occur in the learning process. Topics include how to stay one step ahead of your learners, what helps to stay calm as things are falling to pieces, and when to call in the cavalry.

The session: Topher spoke first on what to consider when you are double-booked, which is more common than many would imagine.  His slides will be online and I'll update this blog post when that happens.

Jill spoke next and her slides are below.

Embracing Training Failures & Learning From Them from Jill Hurst-Wahl

Maurice spoke last on what to do when your technology fails.  Maurice's slide deck is at

The threesome provided anecdotes and answered questions.  It was a lively session!  And since Jill was part of the session, there is not a detailed blog post.  So enjoy the slides.

By the way, Maurice talked about the slides not being your handout. Jill tends to use more text for a variety of different reasons, including providing text for those who need the printed words (e.g., people who understand English better when they can read it). Maurice did note that there are circumstances when he will use more text than images.

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