Monday, April 28, 2008

Student blog posts

For the last three spring semesters, I had had students blog as one of their assignments in "Creating, Managing and Preserving Digital Assets", a graduate class taught online through Syracuse University. The blog now contains over 550 posts that describe and critique various digitization projects around the world.

For me, it is interesting to see the projects through their eyes, especially as they learn more about digitization and all of the "topics" that go along with it (e.g., copyright). As the semester goes on, I can see them picking up different details from the projects. And they stop focusing so much on how the site looks and more on everything else.

If you look at the blog, it is likely that you will see projects described there that you had not heard of. You might see your project there and get a different perspective! Do leave comments -- they will be read by myself and the students. Feel free to offer additional information and even corrections.

As you look at the blog, you will see that there are links to other blogs in the right column. that is not meant to be an inclusive list, but a few resources to help the students. There is also a link to my digitization blogroll from Bloglines.

A new addition this year was the Meebo Me widget. Meebo is an instant messenger service that allows me to receive IMs from several services in the same "window." The Meebo Me widget allows anyone to communicate with me from the blog's web site, as long as I'm in Meebo. (It will tell you if I am online.) This was not only useful for the students in communicating with me about assignments, etc., but I found that others liked talking to me through Meebo. Given its usefulness, I may add a Meebo Me widget to this blog.

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