Monday, April 07, 2008

CIL2008: Web 2.0 Services for Smaller, Underfunded Libraries

Sarah Houghton-Jan presented on Web 2.0 Services for Smaller, Underfunded Libraries.

High growth of library users who are accessing the library online and using library electronic resources. Any library can find itself where its digital presences is not up to par.

An eBranch can be the the cheapest branch to run. High return on investment (ROI) for every dollar spent on web services.

#1 Talk with your customers -- IM, Meebo Me VOIP, video chat -- Consider placing IM in the library catalogue as well as other places that you users visit on your web site.

BTW she had an experience of hearing someone to a presentation at a conference via Skype!

#2 Don't pay for images -- Lots of great places to find public domain or Creative Commons licensed images.

#3 Offer Tools and Mash Ups -- People are dong things with your library's content: be aware and advertise/educate users. She advocates creating toolbars for students, since they seem to use them more.

#4 Make Dynamic Lists -- Use blogs and other things to create and maintain these lists. If you create blogs, do allow comments. When people participate, they feel like a real part of the community.

#5 Give your Library a Face -- Use photos to show your web users what the library and staff look like. You can even create fun photos (avatars).

#6 -- Provide Audio Content -- Podcasting is easy and free.

#7 -- Provide Video Content -- Video cameras have come down in cost, so videocasting can be down. Consider even videocasting classes and lectures.

#8 -- Exploit the Blog as a Format -- Consider not calling it a blog. Consider re-posting old, valuable content. New readers will not have seen older posts.

#9 -- Make RSS Your BFF (Best Friend Forever) -- So much can be served through RSS. It is definitely worth exploiting.

#10 -- Help Your Catalogue -- because it probably needs it. Work with your vendor if possible or find add-ons.

#11 -- Be Present in Social Networking -- Be where your uses are. You can even advertise on some of the services. $10 will get you 5,000 Facebook "flyers."

#12 -- User Outside Web Hosting Tools

#13 -- Try a Wiki

#14 -- Use -- Sarah said that everyone should know about it. Free and low-cost Web 2.0 service for libraries.

#15 -- Use Design Tools to Make Your Web Site Look Better

#16 -- [Missed it]

#17 -- Exploit Image Generators

#18 -- Recommend Websites Easily

#19 -- Microblog with Twitter

#20 -- Keeping Everything Current -- participate, update, keep it real

Sarah will be posting her presentation on her blog.

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