Monday, January 02, 2006

Study in Digitization Practices for Audiovisual Materials - SAA

As posted on the Archives discussion list:

This year, Cinetech (an Ascent Media Company), partnered with the archival community to coordinate a field-wide study of digitization practices for still and moving image archives. Our goal is threefold:
  1. to help keep the field up-to-date on digital technologies;
  2. to ensure that members of the archival/library/university/museumcommunities make the best use of their resources; and
  3. to ensure that preservation/restoration service providers take intoconsideration the needs of the community.
The first stage is a field-wide survey which will be available on-line until January 15th. If you have not yet responded, we strongly encourage you to do so. While all demographic information is being kept confidential, the general results are being made available to all participants and will be reported to the community. The higher the response rate, the more accurate the results. To get started simply click on this link:

Your involvement is greatly appreciated and a service to the community.
Thank you for participating.


Tom Tisch
Cinetech, 27200 Tourney Rd., Valencia, CA 91355; Tel: 847-657-9002;


Janice Simpson
Ascent Media Group, 27200 Tourney Rd., Valencia, CA 91355; Tel: 661-222-9073;

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