Monday, January 09, 2006

Article: Google's Great Works in Progress

This Dec. 22 Business Week article points to the problems with Google's quality that I pointed out on Nov. 30. And what do Google's partners think of its quality? Business Week states:
So far, Google's results have failed to wow library partners. While all of the partners interviewed made certain to note that they have been extremely impressed by how carefully and safely Google's staff handles the books, they concede the overall quality of the scans hasn't been great. "We at Harvard do a more careful and high-quality digitization when we do it for our own purposes, there's no question" says Sidney Verba, director of the Harvard University Library.
Business Week created a slide show of problems. Google has said that it will fix the problems found. (Of course, this raises the cost of the project.) Hopefully it is putting steps in place to ensure that these problems do not happen again.

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