Thursday, January 05, 2006

Notes from the Statewide Digitization Planners Conference

In October 2005, OCLC hosted a Statewide Digitization Planners Conference in Dublin, OH. (You can view the announcement about it here.) 77 people were able to attend the conference including people representing 39 collaborative digitization projects. [There is a not a statewide project in New York State, but several people from the library councils were able to attend.]

I'm sure that many of the attendees returned to their institutions and circulated their notes from the conference. (Personally, I've seen notes taken by two people.) Now a Summary Report about the conference has been published. For those who could not attend, this gives you a peek into the presentations as well as useful information for you to consider as you digitize materials. For those who attended the conference, these notes may provide information that your personal notes do not.

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