Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Receive e-mail notification of Digitization 101 updates from Feedblitz

Following a colleague's lead, I've added Feedblitz as a way you can receive update notifications from this blog. I'll keep Bloglet for those currently using it, but will remove the ability for new users to sign-up for it. Bloglet can be very inconsistent, which is not good for those who are relying on it as a way of staying up-to-date. Feedblitz is evidently better maintained and supported. (Hurrah!)

If you are one of the 118 people reading this blog using Bloglet, please consider using Feedblitz instead. It is free and easy. E-mail from Feedblitz for Digitization 101 will come from the e-mail address Digitization101@mail.feedblitz.com or feedblitz@mail.feedblitz.com.

If you are a new to Digitization 101 and you want to receive timely, relevant digitization news by e-mail, you can sign up for Feedblitz by entering your e-mail address in the form located in the left-hand navigation column. Signing up for Feedblitz is free. You will, however, have to have an active e-mail account to which Feedblitz can send a subscription confirmation.

Also be aware that you can read this blog using your blog reader. There are buttons in the left-hand column for two blog readers: Feedburner and Bloglines. There is also a link to the Atom feed for this blog, which can be added to any blog reader. Using a blog reader is a great way of monitoring many blogs (and RSS feeds) at once. Personally, I'm hooked on Bloglines and have found that it has helped me track topics as well as locate new ideas.

1/18/2006: Added feedblitz@mail.feedblitz.com as an e-mail address notification might come from.

Thanks to K.M. Dames for pointing me to Feedblitz.

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