Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Digitizing at McMillan Public Library in Wisconsin

I was searching online to see what people had said about their selection criteria and ran across a document at the McMillan Memorial Library web site (part of South Central Library System), which then led me to find several other pertinent files there. The information would especially be of interest to a public library that is interested in digitizing materials, since everything is written from a public library's perspective.

1/28/2006: Text corrected and some text deleted. Some of the files listed above are not hidden, but are listed on the Local History section of the library's web site (at the bottom). Thanks Andy for your comment and pointers.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you assume they don't want the material to be found?

Jill Hurst-Wahl said...

Only because I didn't see links to the materials from the various web pages. They seems to be documents that were stored on the site, maybe for specific people to access.

Anonymous said...

Those pages are linked to from our Local History Online page, which is the only way to find them. Since our pages are built mainly for the public and interested wanderers, if it not maximized for librarians. I balance that in that the site is fairly well known. I have presented a number of times in Wisconsin, did a talk table at PLA/Seattle, the site got Highsmith and MARS recognition and I mentioned it in my wildly popular book ;-).

I am the contact for the website and the digitization project.

Andy Barnett, Asst. Director
McMillan Memorial Library
490 East Grand Ave
Wisconsin Rapids WI 54494

Jill Hurst-Wahl said...

Andy, well that's not how I found them! (Google linked me to one file, then a little "backtracking" led me to the others. I also do competitive intelligence, so the "routes" I take aren't always normal.) Thanks for pointing out what page they're listed on.