Thursday, January 26, 2006

Posting: A DAM survey

HangingTogether, a blog by some people at RLG, has a good posting about survey results released by ClearStory on Digital Asset Management (DAM). The survey respondents seems to all have been museums. Guenter Waibel says:
  • 40% of respondents claim they are in the early stages of a DAM project, while 28% are busy weighing implementation options.
  • 63% of respondents use cross-departmental committees to cut through the fog of DAM issues.
  • Digital asset management was identified as the area of IT spending with the highest expectation of a spending increase in 2006.
  • The most important consideration in deploying a DAM for museums is the integration of the DAM with the CMS (Collections Management System) (cited by 78% of respondents).
Waibel finds the survey results to go along with his thinking on this matter, but finds a problem with part of the ClearStory whitepaper (where these survey results are stated). In the whitepaper, ClearStory equates DAM with digital preservation. Waibel says it "seems to seriously underplay the additional complexity involved in the latter." Indeed. DAM doesn't automatically ensure long-term access to the materials. I wonder if ClearStory will hear enough griping about this that they'll re-write the whitepaper?

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