Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What to do about Google...

The February 2005 issue of the Montague Institute Review contains an article entitled "What to do about Google..."
The inspiration for this article was a question submitted by one of our members, the project manager of a "Taxonomy Center of Excellence." She asked: "How do we position ourselves against Google, which is in essence,anti-classification/taxonomy? (OR do we embrace it... and if so, how?)"

The excerpt of the article goes on to say:

As we show in this article, there are times when Google works well. But because it's ubiquitous and deceptively easy to use, Google creates unrealistic expectations for many users. It also fosters an over-simplified model of information work. Everyone uses Google, but everyone uses it in a different way depending on their job role, personality, and other factors. Furthermore, most professional employees play more than one role, often within the same work day.

The article is available for members of the Montague Institute, however others will find the full excerpt to be of interest.

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