Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Those rubber bracelets

I'm not sure who began this trend of creating and selling rubber bracelets as a fundraiser and awareness-builder, but they are now everywhere. I own one (only one so far) that says "Fight Hunger and Homelessness" (from the Rescue Mission). Lance Armstrong's foundation sells one (LIVESTRONG™) as does the University of Maryland (Fear the Turtle), the American Cancer Society, and others. Now that we know people like these, how about a rubber bracelet that promoted something that affects all of us like reading? Perhaps the saying could be "Reading is FUNdamental"? (Yes, someone does own that phrase as a trademark, but perhaps they'd let it be used for something like this.) And what if people didn't buy these "reading" bracelets, but were given one for buying a book or checking a book out of the library? Could we create a trends of people wearing bracelets to pronounce that they read? That would be cool!

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Anonymous said...

Yes Rubber Wristbands is now using for different applications than early...
but the classic style is also there..