Tuesday, March 29, 2005

9th DELOS Network of Excellence thematic workshop, 11-13 May, 2005

See the web site for registration information.
DELOS announces a forthcoming workshop on the topic of digital repositories. Digital repositories as 'managed collections of digital objects' are an essential part of the architectural framework within many domains. In this workshop we will focus in particular on the role of repositories within e-learning and e-research and related digital library services, and will consider such repositories as providers of both preservation and access services. Digital repositories support the requirements of a number of communities, and the workshop will welcome participation from content providers and practitioners, as well as those with a research interest in the development of repositories.

This is a joint workshop of the Semantic Interoperability and Preservation clusters of the DELOS project. DELOS is an interdisciplinary Network of Excellence funded by the European Union to support the development of the next generation of digital library technologies.

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