Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Google’s Projects Continue to Generate Shock Waves

Paula Hane in her article entitled "Google’s Projects Continue to Generate Shock Waves" for Information Today's NewsLink e-newsletter (March 2005) comments on remarks made about Google at the NFAIS conference. Hane writes:
Much of the NFAIS conference seems to focus on if and how content producers should embrace new opportunities and business models in an age of Googlization. Discussions with Google representatives highlighted details of Google’s three projects and Kaser reported that conference delegates "were urged to think about how their materials might be of use and interest to a wider market." Of course, the supposition is that Google would be the enabler to those wider markets.

BTW Google’s director of business development, Cathy Gordon, who has worked for both Dialog and LexisNexis, gave the opening keynote on "Capturing Diverse User Mindshare." John Lewis Needham, Google’s strategic partner development manager, was also on hand and spoke about the expand content in Google Scholar.

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