Monday, March 28, 2005

NARA's regional facilities

Having been pointed to one of the NARA regional web pages, I tried to locate pages (sites) for the other regions that NARA has. You would think that there would be a page would that listed all of the regions...and if there is, I can't find it. But what I did find was the Staff Contacts at NARA's Regional Records Services Facilities that then gets you to the specific pages for the reigonal sites. Why is this important? Because you might want to see the classes that a specific region (your region) is offering.

So if you want figure out which NARA region you're in, see how close you are to a NARA facility or find out what workshops are being given, start at this page. By the way, yes, there is a global listing of record management workshops, but there are workshops and briefings listed on the regional pages that are not listed in the global listing.

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