Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The 4DigitalBooks scanner

Although I had read articles about the Swiss book scanner, it wasn't until last night that I visited the company's web site. Why? A comment on one site said that it was the size of an SUV, so I needed to see pictures of it. The 4DigitalBooks web site does have pictures and the specifications note that it weighs 2867 lbs. No cost information is available on the web site. For those who want to see it in person, they will be exhibiting at the AIIM conference in May in Philadelphia.


Anonymous said...

Jill - If I understand correctly, 4DigitalBooks is not the manufacturer, put a partner of i2s a French company that actually makes the scanners.

Saša Mutić said...

Actually 4DigitalBooks automatic scanner is made from 2 components (fully automatic page turning robot with attached scanner on top). Robot could be delivered with any kind of camera attached to it, but company currently uses I2S's linear and snapshot cameras in their product line. I am the owner of their DL1500 model and have to say that machine performs absolutely great without interruptions for 22 hours per day, every day. It is true that it is much bigger than competitors products, but it also delivers unmatched performance on all sizes from small books to A1 bound newspapers and no problems on dual pages detection and similar problems that other have.