Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CIL2012: The next big thing

Fast session...hope these notes captured most of it.

David Stern, David Lee King, and Helene Blowers

What are we working on?
What are we trying to pull off?

David Stern - Academic perspective

Things we know about (old and boring):
  • Facilities
  • Blended services
  • Learning spaces
  • Collaboration spaces
  • Discovery to navigating and filtering
  • Manipulating data
  • Consortia drives everything he's looking at now
    • Sharing of services
    • Sharing of materials
    • Sharing of institutional repositories (LOCKSS, Portico)
  • Multimedia
    • Oriented linking
    • Podcasting, issues
    • Rights and responsibilities
  • Data sets
    • Raw and processed
    • Data management plans
    • PREMIS metadata
    • Code books - info about the data
    • Functionality of the platforms
  • Knowledge management
    • Information organization
    • Crowdsourcing, folksonomies
      • Astonomy world has used this
    • Collaboration workspaces
      • Shared collaborative workspaces
    • Dealing with special interest groups
David Lee King
  • Large scale technology projects
    • Data driven part behind the projects
    • Using GIS mapping to help inform them
    • Going live on Polaris soon
    • Getting new wifi
      • Part 1 of the VOIP phone system that they would like to install
    • Broader self-check program with a goal of 90% self-checkout
      • Install it at the place of need
  • All of the projects revolved around their strategic goals
    • Extreme customer service
    • People connected to people
    • Once you get users, give them something to do (in the building and online)
      • Video, podcast creation, blog-based content, ebooks
      • Thinking about digital media labs and hacker-spaces
        • Requires new skills and space
Helen Blowers
  • Ecommerce
    • Been focused on them.
    • Self-checkout
    • Ability to pay fines and fees.  Web-pay.  
      • Ability to accept donations.
  • MyLibrary
    • More customer-centric
    • Customers can customize their view/interaction with the web site
    • Killed the web site and installed web apps
      • People can move things around on their view of the web site.
      • More robust CRM (customer relationship management)
        • Want to anticipate the next need
  • Enterprise collaboration
    • Moved off of the NOVEL network and onto a Microsoft platform
      • Allows them to look at enterprise collaboration tools
      • Moving to a single sign-on
    • Services need to communicate with each other
  • Replacing their ILS
    • Have had the same ILS for 23 years, which they had built
    • "The 20th century was all about sorting out supply.  The 21st century is about sorting out demand."  - CEO of Netflix
    • How can the new systems support a just-because world?
 So what are we (at the tables) doing? What are our next big things?

Man from Lincoln, NE
  • Replaced 3M self-checkout machines with home-mades.
    • Will be implementing credit card swipe.
  • Staff can use tablet computers and get out from the desk.
  • Biometrics - can solve patrons sharing a library card.
    • Want to do this.
    • Noted that some place in Texas is using drivers license as the library card
  • Went from Horizon to Koha (ILS).
    • Blood the first year, but it is worth it.
Man from Wake County, NC
  •  Implementing ViewFind as their primary OPAC
    • Did quite a bit modification
    • Will have OverDrive integration
Woman from New College, FL
Digitizing their archives
Using Pinterest to market their work

Someone from Washington State
  • More public computers
  • More tech classes
  • Spaces were people can collaborate (and the technology)
Woman from county library system in NJ
  • Looking to use Pinterest
  • Want to integrate Polaris into their catalogue

Woman from academic library, MD
  • Space planning
  • Did an ethnographic study
  • Collaborating with school of architecture and school of archeology on campus
    • Also partnering with an architectural firm
Woman from an public library
  • Opening up a digital branch for a low income part of their town
  • Cool software - free use for the patrons
Woman from Iowa
  • Want to get their own IT department
  • The town's IT staff is understaffed and the library is a low priority
Hearing lots of love for Polaris in this session.  Yippee for a Central NY company!

Man form a Academic library, New York State
  • Libraries on campus are consolidating
 Woman from an Academic college in Canada
  • Migrated from Horizon
  • Migrated to an open source ILS (OPALS)
  • Hosted solution
  • Have multi-media in their catalogue
Woman from an academic library
  • Mobile broadband with VPN
  • Taking their tech petting zoo on the road to groups that want them to come
Man from public library, MD
Woman in Academic library, MD
  • Changing how they interact with distance students
Man from a public library
  • Motorized Legos
  • Two smart tables.  Two more than can be checked out.
 Man from academic library, PA - summarizing what he has heard...the themes this afternoon have been:
  • Collaboration
  • Community 
  • Technology

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