Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CIL2012: National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program: Overview and Tools

Presenting are Butch and Trevor from the Library of Congress.

Butch did an overview of NDIIPP.
  • Started about 11 years ago with six partners.
  • Funded research efforts.
  • National Digital Stewardship Alliance.
  • Need to collect now for use in the future.
  • Digital preservation - the series of managed activities necessary to ensure continued access to digital materials for s long as necessary.
  • Stewardship - Whole life-cycle of digital information.
  • Need to now who the first responders are in stewarding a specific collection.
  • A content-centric view of the universe.  How can organization's think about stewardship when content is created?
Five areas of interest:
  • Sustainability
  • National Digital Collections (Projects / areas of interest)
    • Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act - Federal and state level interest in preserving laws, etc.
    • Maps and geography
    • News, media and journalism
      • Local news is generated in many different ways.  How do you identify them and then preserve them?
      • Build preservation tools into content creation tools.
    • Who has the responsibility for stewarding scientific data?
    • Personal digital archiving - how can people preserve their own information?  Have released a kit that people can use.
  • Partnerships: Government, industry, academia
    • Need to develop a shared language
    • National Digital Stewardship Alliance - taking the existing partnerships and using them to preserve a distributed national digital collection for the benefit of citizens now and in the future.  A bottoms up approach.
      • Over 110 member organizations and growing.
      • Light-weight membership agreement.  No money changes hands.
      • Need to agree to participate.  To do.
      • Benefits:
        • Have a voice
        • Share knowledge
        • Drive action
        • Learn from experts
        • Impact change
      • Five working groups - members participate on these groups.  Can participate on several,
        • Content
        • Infrastructure
        • Innovation
        • Outreach
        • Standards and practices
  • Technical infrastructure
    • Duraspace
    • Memento - move through time on the web.  Plug-in currently for Firefox.  
Explore and share cultural heritage collection with
  • Free service for people who are working in cultural heritage
  • Thinking about data and seeing relationships.
  • Free and open platform for creating dynamic visual interfaces to digital collections.
  • Contains maps, timelines, lists, galleries and charts
    • Can be embedded to the web site
    • Different ways of pivoting through the data
  • When you build an interface, you end up learning a lot more about your collection
  • Workflow
    • Import data
    • Augment the data - Create what sounds like a crosswalk
    • Build
    • Share link
    • Make data corrections
 Question about certifying trusted digital repositories.
  • The certification process is pretty "heavy weight".
  • Trust should show through your actions.
  • Certification helps people know your capabilities and intent.
  • However, perfect can be the enemy of the good.
  • Believer in the LOCKSS concept.
  • Does certification provide the organization (being certified) with value?
Slides have a lot of content.  Slides will be made available through the Information Today web site.

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