Friday, March 23, 2012

CIL2012: Marketing Ebook/Ereaders

Presenters are Beth Tribe, Maurice Coleman, Robyn Truslow, and Bryan Hissong.

  • Trained library staff to handle problems and answer questions.
  • Offered basic classes to help people use an ereader.
  • Gave classes before Black Friday about how to select an ereader for purchase (100+ people in two classes).
  • Help people make an informed decision.
  • Branches offer one-on-one sessions (2012).
    • In one weekend, one branch had 60+ one-on-one sessions.  Lots of Kindles.
  • Some branches are offering drop-in nights.
  • Customers expect to plug-n-play.
  • You won't be able to keep up with the technology.  Understand what you have and you'll still be able to help.
  • Customers don't realize that ebooks are licensed and what that means to them/library.
  • Diverse customer base from Amish to the rich.
  • Created a display called "eBook Experience" where people could touch and play with them.  Each device was connected to the "island" with a security cable.
    • Had device specific information cards
      • Info for each different device.  Allows customer to follow directions at home for using Overdrive.
    • Demonstration manual
    • Dedicated computer to use with Overdrive (Adobe Digital Editions process)
    • Customer survey
    • "Learn how to download eBooks at the library" See a staff member for assistance."
      • Included a custom logo
      • Created lots of signage
  •  Staff training
    • Terminology
    • FAQ answers
    • Detailed demonstration instructions
  • Publicity
    • Articles in library's magazine
    • PR
    • Signage
  • Advice
    • Over communicate everything
    • Technology changes fast. Don't sweat it.
    • Give staff time to play (if you can).
    • Get as much staff input as you need and can
    • Technology is Shakespeare - Some staff get confused and forget their reference skills
    • Extra set of stuff (devices)
  • Created tech bars.
  • People did bring in cable cutters and steal devices (which were tethered with security cables).  
  • Like staff is key.
  • Need to keep staff educated.  Technologies changes.
  • Devices could be borrowed for use in the library.
  • Created eSOP - eReader Standard Operating Procedure
Left and went to another session in hopes of hearing Erin Dorney.  Did not hear Robyn speak.

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