Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CIL2012: Ask us anything

Thanks to Michael Sauers and Jennifer Koerber for moderating this track.  This has been fabulous!

Problems thrown out during the session included:
  • Hearing from a participant whose library is staffed with organization rejects and is developing expensive home-grown systems. She needs ideas to give to her management about how to improve the library.
    • Problems
    • Legacy software
    • Lack of training material
  • Not having an staff member at all with an MLIS
    • Not a problem in some areas.
    • How do we get people to work in libraries who have the skills that we need?
  • Copyright or terms of service with Pinterest
    • The problem isn't with Pinterest.  The problem is people.  People don't get copyright.
  • How do we get people to understand what we do and why we - library workers - are important?
    • Talk to people who are not in our libraries.  Get out of the building.
    • Find the need that is in the community.
    • Understand what we have and why it is useful.  Then get people to strip over the information.
  • How should we retrain our staff?
  • Going to shrink the children's section (books) and then bring in more multimedia things that children would be interested in, including a hacker-space.
  • Anybody doing in-house publishing or epublishing?
  • GIS stuff  wow...a lot of interest!
    • Geo location of library materials
    • Geo location of librarians on campus
      • Use wifi access point triangulation
      • "Highlight" and "Glancey" (sp?)
  • Do users want to borrow ebooks?
    • People may want to buy a chapter
    • Searching through the text
    • Not necessarily for pleasure reading
    • Professors may prefer paper copies
    • Could replace course packs
    • A whole generation is coming up that is very used to etextbooks
Jason Griffey - showing off a new gadget that he is building.  (We all want one!!!!)

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