Friday, March 23, 2012

CIL2012: Defining Data Service with Rebecca Reznik-Zellen

From UMass Amherst.

The literature shows that libraries being involved in data curation is needed.  More articles published on the topic each year.

Anna Gold (2010).  "Data Curation and Libraries: Short-term Developments, Long-term Prospects."
Roles for librarians in digital data curation will fall into one or more of three tiers:
  • National infrastructure
  • Campus infrastructure
  • Professional development and education
FY 2011 - received 1094 research awards.

BTW they have the tallest academic library in the U.S. (26 floors)

4 STEM librarians deal with a large area of programs and students.

Data Working Group (DWG) - Determine if the University Libraries should accept broad responsibility for curating research data, and if so, how that should be done, what would be expected, and who would be involved. (2010)

DWG charge at
More info at

Doing an environmental scan and trying to respond to real immediate needs.

Their vision sees the library as a full partner in the campus-wide research enterprise.

Did focus groups on campus with faculty and graduate students.

  • Data stroage and infrastructure - will use whatever storage they can find.
  • Procedures and training - use graduate students as their data workers.  Don't provide a lot of training.
  • Documentation and metadata
  • Data reuse and sharing - versioning, for example, is a problem.
  • IP and data sensitivity - not a broad understanding of this area

Data management strategies vary widely up until the point of publication and do not typically support preservation or sharing.

What are other libraries do? Did a web audit.
  • Infrastructure
  • Services
  • Organization
  • Marketing
  • Education - providing information resources to faculty (e.g., Univ. of Connecticut; Univ. of Minnesota which provides a lot of information, policies and links)
    • Web pages
    • LibGuides
    • Tutorials
    • Workshops
  • Consultation - Interacting one-on-one or small group environment (e.g., Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Infrastructure - Taking stewardship of faculty research data (e.g., Rutgers - RUcore)
    • Data staging platforms
    • Institutional data repository 
Frameworks for a Data Management Curriculum (2012)

Created tiers of service - reconciled what they found in other places with the local need.  Created  a rubric for planing services.

Timeline is 6 months to 2 years.  Need to move fast. Implementation is now occurring.

Other working groups created strategies for education, consultation and infrastructure.
  • Metadata
    • Subject specific metadata approach - want subject librarians/liaisons to help identify these.
    • Looking at how to make their repository more effective in terms of metadata.
  • Digital Creation and Preservation
  • Data

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