Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Video: Brewster Kahle: A digital library, free to the world

This 20-minute video on the TED.com web site became available in September 2008, but the talk is from December 2007. At 7 minutes into the video, Kahle talks about using a $100 laptop as an ebook reader. At 9 minutes, he talks about digitizing books and about using robotic book scanners then about creating their own.

He also talks about capturing and storing film, audio, video (e.g., TV), and software at the Internet Archive.

Kahle is always informative and always make a compelling case. To me -- although he is not always in the limelight -- he is one of the people who is moving book digitization through his actions as well as his words.

Below you may only see two "boxes" asking you to select the video player that you want to use. (At least, that is what I see.) Pick a player and the video should begin.

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